Call Center Monitoring Software

  • See easily how many calls were managed for each agent.
  • Show Inbound and outbound totals, use datetime filters, control missed calls.
  • Check how many times agents worked on a specified activity or how much time they spent on inbound and outbound calls.


AutoDialer and SMS Deliver System

The most interesting and complex feature of irVoice.
  • Manage from single page Voice and SMS dialers.
  • Create an auto-dial campaign to reach your customers with a pre-recorded message or simply send a short message to your contacts. Invoice expiration advise or purchase notice are some examples of how to use this feature.


Check your PBX in Realtime

  • Search for a particular call, show its details and listen or download its recording.
  • Filter calls for time and date, or agent who was involved
PBX traffic information:
  • Waiting and inprogress calls
  • Status of each agent
  • State of some devices like external gateway.
Channel Usage:
  • See on graph how many channels are used during all the day.
  • This feature helps you to optimize the number of channels, advising you when they are saturated and when your system needs more lines.